Friday, April 23, 2010

Where to begin?

I have been so overwhelmed these past few months.  I feel like I have been trapped in a downward spiral and have no control over my own life.  One of the purposes of this blog is to help me realize how to regain that control...and what better place to start than with my own health?

I have been trying to change my household over to a more organic diet, but have met several roadblocks along the way.  They all love fruit, but they also love Doritos and microwave popcorn.  I have a weakness for the latter as well...but I ALWAYS feel yucky after consuming it.  I know better, but yet I do it because it is there and smells so freakin' good!  I long to empty my kitchen of all the toxic food and only have healthy, organic, and preferably RAW food on hand.  Not that my hubby would ever agree to such a drastic change.  Slowly, I hope to accomplish this...but for now I must deal with the temptations on a daily basis.

Let me make it clear that I am not doing this to lose weight (although that would be an added bonus), nor am I doing it to "deprive" myself of things I enjoy.  Yes, I may crave movie theatre butter microwave popcorn...but I also KNOW that it is doing terrible things to me.  I do not feel good about eating it.  I feel bloated, gassy, and somewhat nauseous after eating it, and I really only enjoy the first 2-3 bites before I go into robot eating mode.

So....I'm going to start this whole thing off with a fast.  No set amount of time, somwhere between 1 and 30 days.  I plan to keep with it as long as I feel it is good for me, and stop when it feels like it is time to stop.  No crazy lemon-juice with cayenne and maple syrup concoctions.  Just plain old water.  I've done my research and any google search will tell you that a water fast is the best way to go. 

Why a fast?  There are so many reasons for this that I won't even try to name them all.  Again, google it and you'll see what I've seen.  The basic gist of it is that fasting allows the body to rid itself of the build up of toxins, while also allowing it to divert the energy it normally would have spent digesting food to healing itself. 

What am I hoping to get out of my fast?  A feeling of cleanliness.  I want to really feel healthy for the first time in YEARS!  I want more energy, mental clarity, and the ability to really taste the food I put into my mouth when I start eating again.  So...cheers!

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